What is Nexonar and how can it reduce costs and simplify your assembly line?



Nexonar is an exciting opportunity to take Smart Assembly to a whole new level, as manufacturers adjust to Industry 4.0.

Having worked with Nexonar since 2017, Desoutter has taken the relationship forward by fully integrating the Nexonar solution into its own ecosystem, so that customers can enjoy the combined expertise of the two companies when it comes to process control, operator guidance and software interface solutions.

What does Nexonar do?

Nexonar is a unique dynamic positioning system, which tracks objects on your production line without limiting its flexibility.

This camera-based, live-motion-capture solution with proprietary software allows you to:

  • Have complete positioning traceability of your wireless tools
  • Have full control over your assembly process
  • Improve complex manual tasks

A reliable solution for high-precision industrial tasks, it can position items to an accuracy of one millimetre in real time, ensuring accuracy when assembling and tightening components, drilling, and operating pick and place. It can even respond to trackers in a worker’s gloves or wristband to alert them if they reach for the wrong component.

This is done through use of an infrared camera with LED tags to identify the location of the tool and the required action, for example using a screwdriver in an inaccessible area.

The tool will be blocked if the screw is heading for the wrong location.

What are the benefits of Nexonar?

Nexonar will boost productivity, enhance quality and improve safety. While people will always be required in a factory setting for their ability to adapt and work flexibly, Nexonar can help to remove human error from production.

Additionally, as Nexonar registers where each part is positioned during assembly, total traceability is guaranteed.

Nexonar can be used across a broad spectrum of production lines, but it comes into its own in industries where optimal accuracy is essential, for example in the aerospace and automotive industries.

Addressing assembly challenges, from tightening screws to the correct degree, in the right place and sequence, to more complex assembly tasks, Nexonar is used alongside Desoutter tools for optimum results.

Will Nexonar work in all environments?

Nexonar will remain reliable even in challenging industrial environments. Because it uses infrared technology, it can offer more accuracy even than ultrasound.

Up to 16 trackers can be used with each camera and several cameras can be installed to increase the number of trackers available to the assembly line.

Importantly, the cameras are designed to match a tool with a component – they do not film the workplace or your employees.

Do I need to buy new tools to use Nexonar?

Both cord and battery-powered tools can be purchased with trackers already installed, or trackers can be retrofitted to existing tools. These might be installed in the tool or provided as a mobile tracker.


A unique and incredibly accurate camera-based system, Nexonar is set to revolutionise the modern assembly line, reducing costs and making precision work easier and more accurate.

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