Procurement problems solved for process automation with the Festo Core Range

As a manufacturer you face numerous challenges every day to meet your customers demands.

Procurement for your process automation does not have to be one of those challenges.

The Festo Core Range includes a wide range of products to cover the majority of your automation tasks. They are at the high quality you would expect from Festo, easy to select and stocked worldwide for the quickest delivery – even in large quantities.

As a Festo Official Partner we can guide you on the products suitable for your application.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the products available in the Festo Core Range…

Festo compact cylinders AEN-S/ADN-S

These compact cylinders, the AEN-S and ADN-S, offer a powerful performance despite their small size. With their lightweight design and single-piece housing, they are ideal for carrying out small movements such as testing, pressing in, or clamping. In summary, they are suitable for applications that require either single-acting (AEN-S) or double-acting (ADN-S) motion.

Festo standard cylinder DSBC to ISO 15552

The DSBC cylinder series is popular due to its various functions and features. One notable characteristic is its dry-running operation, which allows for the handling of even the most challenging applications. These cylinders also come with the time-saving, self-adjusting PPS cushioning and offer incredibly short cycle times.

The DSBC series offers a wide range of modular options, making it versatile and suitable for various situations.

Festo service unit component series MS-Basic

The MS-Basic, housed in polymer material, provides cost-effective basic components that prioritise critical technical functions in compressed air preparation. These include pressure regulation, filter regulation, as well as manual or electric switch-on capabilities.

It is completely compatible with the MS series, allowing for a combination of low-cost, fundamental functions, and high-end functions as per your requirements.

Festo Tubing/fitting combination PUN-H/QS

This range is constantly evolving and designed to provide application-specific tube/fitting combinations. The tubing selection encompasses a wide range of options to accommodate any task or application.

If you need further assistance with the Festo items you require for your process automation, contact our pneumatics team today on 01422 395 390 or by emailing [email protected].

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