10 ways to save energy and reduce the carbon footprint of your compressed air system

1. Fix your air leaks

One 3mm hole could cost you between £500-£900 a year.

2. Correctly size your equipment

Incorrectly sized equipment can lead to wasted energy and problems with production.

3. Lower your whole system pressure

A reduction of 1 bar in pressure (14.5 psi) could lead to a 7% saving in electricity consumption.

4. Consider a variable-speed drive air compressor

A VSD air compressor can deliver up to 60% energy savings compared to a fixed-speed compressors.

5. Upgrading to a modern air compressor

The latest controllers and energy efficient motors can decrease your energy costs.

6. Focus on the control of your system

So that you don’t produce more air than you need.

7. Regular servicing maintains the efficiency of your system

As stated by BCAS, compressor output will deteriorate by more than 10% without proper maintenance.

8. Use the energy more than once with heat recovery

Approximately 70% of energy is recoverable from oil-injected screw compressors – this comes from research done by Atlas Copco.

9. No part too small to make a difference

Consider the energy usage of even the smallest pneumatic part.

10. With pipework it is more than just fixing leaks.

The design of your pipework, zoning your system and the type of pipe used can all make a difference.


Remember: Up to 80% of the total lifecycle cost of your compressor is the energy it uses (not capital cost or servicing).

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